G-307 IPTV Box


As the new generation of G-Box family, GD-307 brings the users a new fashion way to access the IPTV world. Look like a portable Digital Photo Frame, you can put it anywhere where Wifi is available, such as your living room, bedroom or your office. Further than a digital photo frame, GD-307 has a built-in powerful P2P engine and advanced H.264 decoding capability, so forth GD-307 is able to work with the G-LiveTV IPTV system to provide users the possibility to watch live TV programs, and also enjoy Internet radios. In addition, GD-307 supports VOD function, via which users can watch their favorite movies from the subscribed server. The user friendly configuration also allows plug-and-watch.


The GD-307 is used as the receiving terminal of G-LiveTV IPTV system, receiving the video and radio contents from the subscribed server, then decoding the video and deliver AV to TV set. Also GD-307 can be used as a normal digital photo frame.


     *  Digital Photo Frame outlook
*  VOD function
*  Supports Wi-Fi
*  Internet Radio
*  Live Web TV
*  Compatible with MPEG-2(MP@ML) and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 standards
*  Adopt embedded real-time operation system with powerful network management ability
*  Support HTML, Java-Script, and Cookies
*  Support OTA software upgrade
*  Support PPPoE, DCHP, and Static IP access mode
*  Remote access control from terminal box
*  RJ45 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Interface
*  DVB-STB style friendly user interface
*  USB interface for Wireless LAN adaptor
*  Plug-and-Watch


Application Diagram