G-800 IPTV Box


As the next generation of G-Box family, G800 brings the users real-feelings of the future IPTV world. Thanks to the built-in powerful P2P engine and advanced H.264 decoding capability, G800 can fully take the advantage of the internet bandwidth and so forth provides high video quality. Working with the G-LiveTV IPTV system, G800 provides users the possibilities to watch their favorite programs and Internet radio programs, and further more, the Internet Video contents, such as PPStream or PPLive etc. are also available on G800. In addition, G800 supports VOD, thanks to the built-in HDD, user can download the Full-HD movies to the HDD and playback anytime. The powerful any-format decoder supports full format decoding, and give users a wonderful picture and audio experience. The user friendly configuration also allows plug-and-watch. G800's high performance and cost effective quality contributes it to become an extraordinary High-Definition IP box.


The G800 is used as the receiving terminal of G-LiveTV IPTV system, receiving the video and radio contents from the subscribed server, then decoding the video and deliver AV to TV set.


Application Diagram