!!!NEW!!!: Model No. DS-2667 HDTV Amplifier

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1 port, Ultra Low Noise HDTV Amplifier
High Gain, High Signal Handling,
Use with off-air, CATV, Digital and Analog
Forward: 52~1000 MHz and Reverse: 5~40MHz

  1. Before attempting digital ATSC reception, ensure you receiver good quality analog TV signals with minimal ghosting.
  2. Use a TV band splitter to feed both the digital receiver and the TV/VCR. An amplified 2 way splitter can improve reception.
  3. An HDTV (or enhanced definition monitor) is required to obtain the best picture from your digital receiver.
  4. Connect video to your HDTV monitor using the YPbPr connectors and cables. Connect audio using the LR connectors and cables.
  5. It is also possible to connect the digital receiver to a standard TV/monitor using the base band video or S-video connectors.
  6. You may enjoy Dolby (TM) Digital audio on your home theatre system using coaxial or optical connectors.


Model No. DS-2667
Forward Reverse
Pass Band 52-1000MHz 5~40 MHz
Operating Gain 1 output: 13 ± 2 dB 1 output: -2 dB Passive
Noise Figure Type: 2.5dB Type: 2.5dB
Return Loss Type: 18dB Type: 18dB
Output Flatness 1 dB 1dB
RFI Shielding > 100dB > 100dB
Port to Port Isolation 25dB 25dB
Power Supply Input 120Vac, Output 12Vdc/250mA with 1.8 Meter cable and F-connector UL / CSA approval
Dimension L=100mm, W= 90mm, T=20mm

!!!NEW!!!: Model No. DSS-44

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1. It is used with the SW-44A cascading system which connect 2 Bell satellites (Legacy system) and  up to 8 units of SW-44A (32 units of receivers).

2. It can also be used for Direct TV, which connect 2 satellites (for cascading in apartments) and up to 8 units of SW-44A (32 units of receivers).

!!!NEW!!!: Model No.2831 CATV Amplifier

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!!!NEW!!!: Model DS-25 & DS-123

DS-25 In-Line Amplifier

DS-123 Sloping Type In-Line Amplifier

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450-2400 MHz
GAIN 14-20dB

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47-2300 MHz
GAIN 16-20dB

Model No.: DP-33
This amplifier is designed for the Dishnet system, and every port 
has a switch associated with it to adjust the signal gain.
Slope at 0~25dB


~click to see more information on DP-33~


Model No.: 3003

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Frequency Range: 5~2150
Max. Output Level: 85dBuV


5~42MHz -3dB
54~806MHz 18dB
950~2150MHz 26dB


LNB A to LNB B 30dB
Noise Figure: 60dB
Input and Output Impedance: 75horse.jpg (494 bytes)
Cable Input and Output Connection: F-female
Power Supply: 15~18VDC

Model No.: AMP-25GT
1GHz  25dB

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Bandwidth: VHF 40 - 1000 MHz
Gain: (dB) 25 (54-1000 MHz)
Max. Input: VHF 7-Chs. 22 dBmV
Max. Input: UHF 4-Chs. 18 dBmV
Noise Figure: 5dB VHF & 7dB UHF
FM Trap: N/A
Power Requirement: 117VAC  60Hz

Model No.: MD-3001

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Model No.: MD-3001
Pass Band:950-1750MHz
Sloping Gain: 20-24db
Return Loss:12 db
Cross Port iso:25db
VOL. Tage LNB A:13VDC Diode Protected
VOL. Tage LNB B:18VDC Diode Protected

Model No.: DS-20

Model No.: DS-20
Freq.: 500-2200 MHz
Gain with slop at
700 MHz: 8 db
2050 MHz:18 db

Model No.: LA-123

Model No.: LA-123
In-Line Amplifier
Freq.:10-2,350 MHz
20db Coaxial

Model No.: MR-5143

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Model No.: MR-5143
CATV Drap Amplifier
Band Width:45-1,000 MHz
Return Loss:Min 14 db
Noise Figure:Max 7db
Max Output:+18 db mV

Model No.: MR-5110

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Model No.: MR-5110
CATV Drap Amplifier
Band Width:45-1,000 MHz
Return Loss:Min 14 db
Noise Figure:Max 7db
Max Output:+25 db mV

Model No.: MR-5210

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Model No.: MR-5210
CATV Drap Amplifier
Band Width: 5 - 42          
                       54-1,000 MHz
Gain: -1.5                           
Return Loss:Min 14 db
Noise Figure:Max 7db
Max Output:+25 db mV

Model No.: DA-225

Model No.: DA-225
25 db distribution Amplifier
Freq.: 45-900 MHz
UHF/VHF FM 25 db gain with
FM trap.