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  • The No.5104 has 5 inputs to 4 outputs. The No.5108 is a 5 inputs to 8 outputs. These are 22KHz Control Multiswitchs with DC Power Supply. They are designed to allow the reception of satellites from two or three orbital slots using multiple LNBs in a residential application. A 600mV,22KHz quasi square wave is placed on top of the 13/18VDC when the additional satellite feeds are required. These devices enable the reception of DirecTV Para Todos and HDTV feeds in a multi LNB environment.
  • The No. 3000 has two satelite inputs plus one terri. input for the local antenna. It is a cascadable switch that can connect up to 6 switches, which gives a total of 48 receiver outputs ( 8 outputs/ switch). A launch amplifier would be needed between 2 or 3 No. 3000 switches. This product is good for apartments and MDU systems.