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  • DiSEqC 2.0 System: It allows for two-way communication between receivers, switches and LNBFs for improved diagnostics. Its method of communicating also allows for the use of increased cable lengths.
  • A SW-44A Multi switch allows you to receive signals from two DISH Network satellites, and route these signals to as many as for Legacy satellite receivers per switch. SW-44A multi switches allow you to add as many as four Legacy receivers to your system by adding just one SW-44A multi switch. What's more, up to Eight SW-4A multi switches can be connected to each other, so that you can route the satellite signal from two satellites to as many as 32 Legacy receivers. However, to insure that the
    signal will not be lost, after connecting about three or four SW-44A in a row, a DSS-44 launch amplifier is required to maintain the satellite signal.

    For all Microyal switches (esp. SW-21, SW-21X, SW-44,SW-44A and SW-64), please make sure the connector and the RG6 cable are installed as follows. The central copper wire of the cable must extend pass the connector by 2m/m or else there might be signal loss, resulting in "no signal" from the receiver.