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The Motor is designed for DiSEqC 1.2 Receiver. The commands on the receivers might be different, but similar. Please refer to the manual of the receiver.
  1. Go East / West: Drive the dish to East / West.
  2. Fine Tune East / West: Drive the dish East / West for one step.
  3. Store nn: Store Satellites Position nn (01~60).
  4. Goto nn: Drive Motor to Satellite Position nn (01~60).
  5. East / West Limits: Set software East / West limits.
  6. Limit Off: Disable the software limits.
  7. Goto 0X: Drive the Motor to 0X as a reference point.
  8. Re-synchronize / Shift:
    1. Drive the motor to a position by Goto command. For example, P03.
    2. Drive the motor East / West to a better position.
    3. Send Re-synchronize commands to the motor. The P03 will be shifted to the new position. All the other Satellite positions are also changed.
    4. If step a) is skipped, the P01 will be shifted to the new position.

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  1. Goto X Function
    1. This function only works with receivers which have goto x function.
    2. It can drive the motor to exact x.xX East or West in relative to the 0 position of the motor. ( For example, 15.2X East on the bottom of the motor.)
    3. Just input the longitude, some receivers can drive the antenna to focus on the right Satellites automatically