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  • Compatible with DiSEqC 1.2 Receivers
  • Indicating LED for Esy Trouble Shooting
  • Manual Button for Easy Installation
  • Compact, Powerful and Quiet
  • For Dish up to 1.2 M
  • Goto X Function
  • Azimuth & Elevation Angle Range
    1. The factory preset hardware limits for azimuth angle are from 75X East to 75X West. The azimuth range is sufficient for your multi-satellite programs selection.
    2. The motor's elevation angle range is from 0X to 70X, which meets most users' need.
  • With this motor mount plus one dish, one MRX-1000 or MRX-900 FTA receiver as well as a set of our H2H Motorized Mount, you can then choose among all the different channels from various satellites. All you have to do is simply sit in front of the TV and enter the info for the satellite that you want to watch, then our H2H Motorized Mount will move the dish to the correct angles to allow viewing of a specific FTA satellite.

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