Microyal HDMI Extenders



  • With the development of more advanced digital products, high definition products have gained its popularity in the market due to customers' increase demand of viewing pleasure. More devices now are equipped with HDMI interfaces (High Definition Multimedia Interface). Microyal has come out with a series of HDMI splitter/selectors/extenders that will become essential peripheral products of those HD products including HDTV, gaming device (ie. PS3, X Box 360), HD DVD player, digital set top box, etc.


Model 9441
HDMI Jack to HDMI Jack Extender with Power


  • Easy installation, simply plug and play.
  • Fully automatic equalization up to 40dB at 825MHz (1.65Gbps), no system control required.
  • Extend cable runs up to 20 meters from the source to the equalizer plus 30 meters from the equalizer to the HDTV/ projector/ monitor.
  • Maintains high HDMI single link video resolution up to UXGA/1080p.
  • Can be powered directly from the cable or use external power supply. (External power adapter is recommended for longer cable application to ensure quality video transmission.)
  • HDCP compliant, HDMI is backward compatible with DVI.