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The President of  The United States had signed The Public Safety Act.of 2005 into law, this act states that by February 17, 2009. The Unites States analog television transmission ( NTSC) is scheduled to come to an end. The new standard in broadcasting will be Digital or HDTV(ATSC).
Digital Television has arrived.  Transmitting the information used to make TV picture and sound as data bits allows for higher resolution and dramatically better picture quality and sound as data bits allows for higher resolution and dramatically better picture quality and sound than previously available with analog.  But how can a system operator best utilize these advanced digital signals with the existing base of analog televisions? The answer is to use Microyal's Agile ATSC/QAM Demodulator and Modulator.
An alternative is to use Microyal's Digital Head-End System Equipment to pick up digital signal from the Satellites. With use of Microyal's decoder or demodulator, analogue signals (from camera, dvd player) can be converted to the ASI stream through the encoder, Remultiplexer to the QAM modulator. The result is high picture and audio quality of digital television. 



Multi-Channel TV Headend System
Digital System
Digital QAM Box ATSC-740 Converter


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Analog System


Analog System

 Model No.  Description
 2000MB  CATV Headend Adjacent Channel Modulator (General)
 2500MB  860MHz Standard Adjacent Channel Modulator
 3000MC  750MHz Broadcast-Grade Adjacent Modulator
 4000M  Professional Agile Adjacent Modulator
 4000D  CATV Agile Demodulator
 4000MUV  Professional Agile Adjacent Modulator
 4016C  CATV Headend Combiner
 DVR-1000  Digital Satellite Receiver for CATV System

Digital System

 Model No.  Description
 MDH-1000P  Digital Satellite IRD for CATV with Common Interface
 MDH-1000TM  Digital Cable TV QPSK/QAM Agile Transmodulator
 MDH-1000TM-C  Digital Cable TV QAM/QAM Agile Transmodulator
 MDH-1000TP  DVB TS Processor
 MDH-1800P  Commercial-Grade Digital Satellite Decoder
 MDH-2000EC  Digital MPEG-2 Video Audio Encoder
 MDH-2000P  Commercial-Grade Digital Satellite CI Decoder
 MDH-3000EC  Digital MPEG-2 Video Audio Encoder and Remultiplexer
 MDH-3000MX  Digital DVB TS Remultiplexer
 MDH-3000PCT  Professional DVB-S QPSK Digital CI Decoder
 MDH-3000TM  Digital QAM Agile Transmodulator