Microyal Model MDH-2000EC

Digital Satellite IRD for CATV with Common Interface

MDH-2000EC is a professional digital MPEG-2 Video Audio Encoder and transmission equipment of Microyal digital CATV headend. It is a real-time digital encoder that complies with ISO/IEC13818 standard. It can be widely used in CATV digital network, digital TV broadcast, digital multiplex and transmission of programs that meets the MPEG- /DVB standard, remote TV monitor and video network application. It can digital sample analog video (RCA, Y/C, RGB, YUV) and audio signal, compress them and convert them into digital TS (Transport stream). This digital TS stream can be modulated by QAM modulator or used by digital channel multiplexer. Its input supports both NTSC and PAL analog video system formats. The compression code rate (1~15Mbps) is adjustable according to the bandwidth of transmission system. There are two digital TS output formats: DVB-ASI. USB interface is also available for TS signal output to computer to edit. LCD display, 1U chassis, 19" rack mountable.


  • Fully designed for CATV engineering
  • Fully meets with MPEG-1(ISO/IEC 11172-2), MPEG-2 MP@ML encoding (ISO/IEC13818-2) standards
  • Video compression meets CCIR601 standard; adoption of MPEG1 Layer I & Layer II arithmetic to compress audio signal
  • Analog S-Video and Composite Video, two ways switch input ; dual track Audio (Left and Right) input
  • Full D1, Half D1, SIF and QSIF video resolution to choose



  • USB 1.1 interface is available for TS signal output to computer to edit
  • ASI and SPI (LVDS) interface output at 270MB/s simultaneously
  • Video PID and Audio PID set
  • Conditions display on front panel for analog video input and digital video encoding output
  • LCD display and user friendly operation menu
  • CBR compression from 1.5Mbps to 20Mbps
  • Flexible GOP (group of pictures) structure
  • Automatic last channel memory
  • Network remote monitor and software upgrade via RS-232 interface


Video Input and Compression

Both Composite video input interface and S-Video interface meet with CCIR601 standards

Video Format PAL/NTSC
Compression Format MPEG-1 (ISO/IEC11172-2) MPEG-2 MP@ML encoding (ISO/IEC13818-2)
Maximum Code Rate 15Mbps
Resolution Support Full D1, Half D1, SIF, QSIF

Audio Input and Compression

Compression Format MPEG1 Layer1, Layer2 arithmetic compression

Signal Sampling Rate

32KSPS, 44.1KSPS, 48KSPS
Compression Rate Switch among 32,,64,128,192,256,,384Kbps


DVB-ASI Serial Data Output
Interface 75Ω BNC Interface
Data Transmission Rate 270Mb/s
Data Format Byte Mode
Packet Length 188
Signal Level 800mV

DVB-SPIEN50083-9Parallel Data Output

Interface 5Pin D sub-connector
Packet Length 88
Composite of Parallel Code Rate Data(0-7), Clock, Psync., D valid
Transmission Format LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling)

242 character LCD display controlstate
Standard RS232 interface10M
Ethernet interface (Optional)


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature




Power Supply

AC 90~260V 50Hz~60Hz,20W