Microyal Model MDH-1010

Cost-effective Satellite/Terrestrial multi-channel
digital/analog signal processing/distributing for medium to large communities


Microyal's MDH-1010 is a multi-channel TV Headend System. It delivers both digital and analog TV/FM signals for medium to large communities. It converts the DVB-S/-T, FM radio, PAL/TV, Base Band A/V signals to the PAL/FM carriers, and transmodulates the DVB-S/-T to DVB-C as well. MDH-1010 has 10 module slots which allow installer to insert up to 20 channel carriers in one main frame easily. Variety of types of module cards extends the system configuration for the continuously growing of requirement without waste of initial investments. All carriers are adjacent agile adjustable with a maximum power of 100dB V and a spurious rejection of 60dB.


  • 10 slots and 20 carriers maximum in one main frame.
  • Digital and/or Analog.
  • 100dB V per carrier and 60dB spurious rejection.
  • Same slot for future modules.
  • LCD control panel built-in.
  • 150W power supply module built-in.
  • CE EN50083 compliant.


  • Operation temperature: -10C ~ 50C
  • Relative Humidity: <85%
  • Main frame dimension: 262mm X 424mm X 340mm
  • Demodulator card dimension: 295.7mm X 140mm
  • Modulator card dimension:  295.7mm X 100mm
  • Power: 180 ~ 246ACV, 180W max
  • Main frame weight: 8 kgs

Module applications to MDH-1010 Headend System:

  • MDH-1010R: Receiver for Free-To-Air DVB-S
  • MDH--1010R-T: Receiver for Free-To-Air DVB-T
  • MDH--1010P: Receiver for DVB-S with CI slot
  • MDH--1010P-T: Receiver for DVB-T with CI slot
  • MDH--1010D: Receiver for off air PAL B/G TV
  • MDH--1010FMD: Receiver for off air FM radio
  • MDH--1010FMM: Modulator for off air FM radio
  • MDH-1010M: Modulator for A2 stereo PAL B/G
  • MDH--1010MA: Modulator for DVB ASI-to-QAM
  • MDH--1012*: Twin Free-To-Air DVB-T Receiver
  • MDH--1012R*: Twin DVB-S Free-To-Air Receiver
  • MDH--1012D*: Twin PAL B/G Receiver
  • MDH--1012M*: Twin A2-stereo PAL B/G modulator
  • MDH--1012MA*: Twin DVB ASI-to-QAM modulator
    ( * refers to future modules )