1. When using sucking base (part no.3), please make sure its location is smooth and flat.
2. In order to prolong the use of the dish, please prevent any damage or drop-offs. Also, by not applying any sucking base will extend the life of the dish.
3. The two 2 LNBF arms (one FSS and one DSS) can be used one at a time to receive either channels from a linear or circular satellite.

The kit includes the following:

  1. 40cm dish with mount: 1pc

  2. C-Clamp: 1pc

  3. Suction Stand: 1pc

  4. Circular LNBF arm: 1pc

  5. Linear LNBF arm: 1pc

  6. PE Box: 1pc

  7. Extension Rod:1pc

  8. Wall Mount:1pc