*** For 2 or 3 Satellites & 4 Receivers***

  • Waterproof guaranteed.

  • Designed for group of housing or apartments SMATV system.

  • Designed to distribute 2 polarity (RHCP and LHCP)

MRX-44 connects 2 satellites to up to 4 IRD, polarization selection by 13 /18V LNB voltage switching. Satellite selection is by a 22KHz tone on the voltage which is present when the second satellite is required. No power supply is required with model MRX-44 as the IRD voltage is passed to desired LNB. As only the desired LNB is powered (switch by 0KHZ or 22KHz) IRD power supply is not overloaded. MRX-44 is used with many 2-satellites system.

*** For One Linear and One Circular Satellite, and 4 Receivers ***


*** LNBF Requirement for MRX-44 ***

Due to the wide difference in quality amongst the LNBFs in the market, it is strongly recommended that
MRX-44 Multi-switch be used along with either 2 circular or 2 linear LNBFs and not one of each. If you must use one circular and one linear LNBF with MRX-44, high quality LNBFs with noise figure less than -0.6dB must be used along to avoid any polarity or transponder losses.

*** For 3 Satellites and 4 Receivers ***