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For Dishnet Satellite  --- 2 dish, one receiver
(Solder Back, tin plate --- WATERPROOF)

SW21 Automatic Multi-Dish Switch - Single Receiver Automatic Dish Switch - connects a single satellite receiver to two single LNB dishes or to one DISH 500 dish equipped with two single LNBs. 

Click here for connection instructions.

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  • Zinc die cast housing.
  • Bright tin finish and solder shielded bottom plate.
  • All port F-(f) connector, 75 ohm
  • Waterproof (solder back, tin plate)
Input Frequency: 950~2300 MHz
Insertion Loss: less than or equal to 4dB
Isolation: greater than or equal to 30dB
DC Current Consumption: 10mA
Max. DC Current to LNB: 500mA
Input/Output Connector: 75ohm


*** For all Microyal switches (esp. SW-21, SW-21X, SW-44,SW-44A and SW-64),
please make sure the connector and the RG6 cable are installed as follows.
The central copper wire of the cable must extend pass the connector by 2m/m
or else there might be signal loss, resulting in "no signal" from the receiver.