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 SW64 Automatic Multi-Dish Switch - Three Dish Four Receiver Automatic Dish Switch - connect up to four receivers to two or three dual LNB dishes, or to one DISH 500 dish with two dual LNBs and an additional dual LNB dish. Uses include adding another dish to an existing DISH 500 system for reception of foreign or HDTV programming. SW-64-PI Power Inserter is required.

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Frequency Range 950-2150 MHz
Inputs 6
Outputs 4
 Insertion Loss  SAT 950-2150MHz 5dB ≤ 5dB
 Isolation  Dish-Dish 950-2150MHz 30dB ≥ 30dB
 OUT-OUT 950-2150MHz 30dB ≥ 28dB
 Dish-Rec 950-2150MHz 20dB ≥ 20dB
 Return Loss  SAT IN 950-2150MHz 10dB ≥ 9dB
 Max. DC Current to LNBs (mA) 1000
 DC Current Consumption (mA) 40


*** For all Microyal switches (esp. SW-21, SW-21X, SW-44,SW-44A and SW-64),
please make sure the connector and the RG6 cable are installed as follows.
The central copper wire of the cable must extend pass the connector by 2m/m
or else there might be signal loss, resulting in "no signal" from the receiver.